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Shoemaker Consulting & Treatment Group is an independent contractor that provides behavioral and mental health services to high-needs children, youth, and families in the state of Florida, specialized assessments and consultation to families and organizations Nationwide.

Behavioral and Mental Health Services-

Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment programs designed to heal, empower and stabilize children, youth, and families through individualized, culturally-sensitive treatment programs.

Dr. Ed Shoemaker, PhD is a adoption competency trained Licensed Mental Health Counselor, offering Specialty Behavioral and Mental Health services, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, rehabilitation and crisis-intervention throughout our programs.

Specialized Psychosocial Assessments-

Specialized Psychosocial assessments include Attachment/Bonding Assessment and Reactive Attachment Disorder Assessment. 

The Attachment/Bonding Assessment is not a recommendation of placement but is used to assist in the decision of placement and adoption by the placement agency through the exploration of interviews, observations, psychometric testing and comparison to the most recent evidence based research pertaining to the situation at hand. 

The Reactive Attachment Disorder Assessment is made on the basis of a diagnostic interview, history, behavioral observation and psychometric testing. 


Consultation/Training is individualized based on the needs of an individual, group or organization focusing on Trauma and Attachment issues locally and on a Nationwide basis. 

Rates for the above services can be obtained by contacting Dr. Ed Shoemaker, PhD, LMHC. 


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